Easy and Protective Ways to Remove Ear Wax at Home

What are the best ways to get rid of ear wax easily at home
Source What are the best ways to get rid of ear wax easily at home

Although ear wax is one the natural substance that helps to protect your ears, it is very important to remove them after equal interval of time. The reason behind why body produced earwax is not known but still it protects your eardrums from dust and hence it plays a important role in our body. But something this lubrication substance leads to itching, blockage and other such problems in the body.

Super easy ways to get rid of ear wax | remove ear wax at home

1. Salt water

Salt water is an effective remedy to remove ear wax easily. You need to dissolve some salt in water and then soak one cotton ball in it. Now tilt your ear to the opposite direction and squeeze the cotton ball so that the salt water enters your ear easily. Now clean your ear with a clean cloth and remove the wax left behind.

Salt water

2. Baby oil

Baby oil is effective in removing earwax easily without getting your ears blocked. You need to take few drop of oil and put it in your ears. Remember to look up and place a cotton ball at the end so that it prevents oozing. Now clean your ears using a cloth and remove the ear wax accumulated.

Baby oil

3. Vinegar and alcohol

Using vinegar and alcohol is the oldest method to remove earwax. Mix equal proportion of vinegar and alcohol in a bowl and sock a cotton ball in it. Now clean your ear using this cotton and clear away the excess ear wax in the outer space.

Vinegar and alcohol

4. Olive oil

Olive oil is effective in removing ear wax because it helps to soften the wax which further helps to come out easily. Warm small quantity of olive oil and then put 2-3 drops of olive oil in your ear. Allow the oil to settle down and then remove the excess oil with cotton ball or clean cloth.

Olive oil

5. Glycerine

Glycerine is a common commodity that is used since ages to remove earwax easily. Put few drop of glycerine in each ear and repeat doing this thrice a day. You can easily get glycerine from nearby drug store.


6. Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural remedy to remove earwax easily. Make a solution of baking soda and water and tilt your head while you are pouring this solution in your ear using dropper. Allow the water to settle down and drain the water out using a syringe. Now tilt your head to the opposite direction so that the ear wax comes out easily.

Baking soda

7. Almond oil

Apply almond oil around your ear with the help of cotton swab and leave it for some time. Almond oil helps to soften the ear wax which then comes out easily from ear. Clear our ear with the help of cloth.

Almond oil

8. Paraffin oil

You can also use paraffin oil to clear your ears. Heat few drops of paraffin oil in candle light and then apply to your ears. Allow the oil to settle and then rinse with luke warm water. You can sock a cloth in luke warm water and then remove it easily.

Paraffin oil

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