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Amazing home remedies to cure irregular periods
Amazing home remedies to cure irregular periods

Irregular period are generally determined by the alternations in the time of span between each of the periods and the number of lasting days. Under normal health conditions, the period lasts for about 3-7 days and the menstrual cycle ranges from 3 to 5 weeks. When the interval between two periods exceeds a span of 35 days, the problem is termed as oligomenorrhea in medical science.

In this condition, the female has less than six or seven periods in a year whereas she should have at least 10 to 12. There are a number of medical conditions and lifestyle changes that trigger this problem in women.

Useful tips to make your menstruation regular and cure irregular periods


Yoga is a spiritual, mental and health practice that originated in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago, in the pre-Vedic era. The popularity of yoga has gone beyond the boundaries of India and has amazed the western countries as well. Numerous studies have shown the wonderful soothing effects of yoga on various frightful diseases. Learning about the most appropriate yogic postures will not only help you to cure delayed periods but if you experience cramps,fatigue,nausea during the menstruation, practicing yoga will tick off all such problems related to uterine cycle. Regular practice of yoga can reduce the symptoms of PMS or premenstrual syndrome as well.

Best yogic posture

Trikonasana or triangle pose is a well-known yogic posture to stimulate the reproductive organs of a woman. Reclining bound-ankle postures can relax the tension of the abdominal organs. There are many other postures which can help you to stabilize the flow and hormonal balance. You can learn all these from the yoga videos, from professional trainers and books.

Yoga for irregular periods
Yoga for irregular periods


Cinnamon is used as a traditional aid for irregular menstrual cycles and cramps in china. Drinking cinnamon tea everyday will help you to control the maturation cycle of the eggs which is directly linked to irregular period. So, what makes cinnamon such a powerful remedy for irregular menstruation cycles? The answer is the presence of hydroxychalcone. This natural ingredient in cinnamon sticks re-balances the imbalanced hormones in the body. For example, it regulates the level of insulin which is deeply associated with the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

The amount of female sex hormone progesterone is controlled by the level of insulin in the body. Cinnamon extracts have potential positive impacts on the women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Preparation of cinnamon tea

Preparing a cinnamon tea is just a matter of a few minutes, simply add one or two cinnamon sticks in one cup of water. Cover the bowl with and the let the decoction steep for about 15 minutes. Strain it afterwards, pour in the cup and enjoy! You can also mix half a tsp. of fine cinnamon powder in a glass of milk and drink every morning.

Cinnamon tea to make your periods regular
Cinnamon tea to make your periods regular


Lemon is perhaps the best natural source of vitamin C. This vitamin is essential for maintaining the blood count in the body. Anaemia or the deficiency of blood is a very common cause of irregular periods. Lack of iron in the body is not the only reason behind anemia, inability to absorb the mineral can too lead to deficiency. Here’s when lemon comes to rescue. The vitamin C extracts increases the body’s capability to absorb the iron properly. There are multiple ways in which you can eat lemon.

Preparation of lemon juice

If you love juice, prepare a glass of delectable lemon juice with warm water and honey. This is a great health drink for weight loss as well. Obesity also plays a key role in disrupting the monthly vaginal discharge of blood.

Lemon can cure irregular menstuation
Lemon can cure irregular menstuation


Ginger is loaded with an element called gingerols which effectively heals the inflammation of the pelvic issues and reproductive organs, thanks to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Its benefit is not limited to regulating the menstrual cycle but it eases the unbearable pain during the period as well. Teenagers are given the treatment of ginger when they are having delayed period or inadequate blood flow during that time.

Preparation of ginger water

All you require to do is to boil one half tsp. of fresh ginger in a cup of water. Let it boil for 5 to 8 minutes. When you are done, add a little sugar or honey to the mixture for taste. Consume this two to three times a day for maximum benefit.

How to use ginger to cure irregular menstruation
How to use ginger to cure irregular menstruation


Honey is also a brilliant natural remedy for irregular blood flow. It is a powerhouse of essential vitamins, active enzymes like invertase, minerals such as potassium, acid and sugar. All these ingredients cater to the hormonal balance of the female body by improving the metabolism. When the secretion of the target hormone becomes regular, all the problems regarding menstruation get automatically cured.

Using Honey

Honey has anti-inflammatory characteristics like ginger. You can use honey in your herbal tea instead of sugar.

Honey is a great remedy for irregular periods
Honey is a great remedy for irregular periods

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